0805 525 0248 info@karakpoatravels.com
0805 525 0248 info@karakpoatravels.com

About Us

Karakpoa Travels & Tours Ltd is duly registered with RC. No. 869914. Our Travels Agency is a reputable organization in the travels industry.

Karakpoa Travels & Tours Limited has an in-house of well-trained and experienced personnel in the airline and travels industry.

Karakpoa Travels & Tours Limited offer tours and journeys across Africa to other continents of the world. Our destinations include Asia, North and South America, Australia, Europe.

Karakpoa Travels & Tours Limited services include group tours and educational tours with meaningful learning experiences, Tours can be customized to meet specific requirements of diverse groups such as religious, professional, volunteer and academic organization.

Karakpoa Travels & Tours Limited will customize an itinerary to include any number of African, American or European countries, for any number of travelers (including the single traveler), within 48 hours of the start of the tour.

At Karapoa Travel & Tours Limited, the Key to our success is motivation. At recruitment, we employ people with required creativity and experience, which are capable of being motivated to create and achieve works of premium quality.

Airline Partners

Mission Statement

To provide quality Air travel service to our clientele who are regarded as our primary purpose of business and whose success is the measure of our own success.


To be a leading light in the travel, tours and tourism sector in Nigeria.

Our Achievements

We have over the years executed projects in the diverse areas of Airline Travel services. Some of the projects we have executed to the satisfaction of our customers include

•    Several group tours to the Bahamas, st.kitts and Belize Island.
•    Successful group Travels and Tours arrangement Malaysia and China.
•    Arranging a business date for two prominent Nigerian artists to Jamaica.