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Ikogosi Warm & Cold Spring

Ikogosi warm spring is about fifty-five kilometres from Akure, the state capital of Ondo State. Ikogosi is located in Ekiti West Local Government Area. The warm spring roll down over a hilly landscape. From another hill rises a cold spring which Joins the warm spring at a confluence.

Together they form a continuous stream.The whole landscape with its green vegetation is fascinating.

The immediate surrounding of the spring reveals tall evergreen trees, forming a canopy under which visitors can relax. The vegetation also checks erosion.

The spring is said to have some therapeutic effects on some diseases like rheumatism and guinea worm. The undulating topography enhances the aesthetic beauty of the people of Ikogosi.

The most scientific plausibility, however, is that the deeper a body of water goes underground, the hotter it becomes and if by chance it is forced back to the surface through some earth faults, the temperative becomes relatively high.

In an effort to make suitable arrangements for the comfort of guests, well furnished chalets have been constructed to meet the needs of the tourists.In addition, there are facilities for conference, seminars and catering services. These are apart from a Zoological Garden which is being developed.

The provision of sporting and gaming facilities such as an enlarged swimming pool, tennis courts, table tennis and a golf course are being planned. Coupled with these is the rehabilitation of roads linking the centre with the major towns in the state.

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