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Ibadan, Nigeria

lbadan, the State capital of Oyo State is the largest indigenous city south of Sahara with a population of over 3 million. It was founded in 1830 by Lagelu. The city was formerly called “Eba Odan” which literally means “by the grassland” but with usage and time the name became lbadan as it is known today.

Although, lbadan is the commercial, industrial and cultural nerve centre of Oyo State, it still retains much of the characteristic of a typical African city. Its development has followed the pattern of grouping family houses into compounds which Is the feature akin to all ancient towns in the State.

Its skyline is a broad expanse of corrugated iron sheets turned brown by the weather and age, broken intermitently by modern edifices of Cocoa House, Finance Building, Glass House, Agbowo Shopping Complex, Premier Hotel, Cultural Centre, Lekan Salami Sports Centre, University of lbadan, the U.C.H., the Parliament Building among others.

The city is well connected by road, rail and air routes to parts of the states, the country and outside world. It is an ideal centre for exploring other towns which include Ogbomoso, Oyo, lseyin-lgbeti, lgboho, Saki, Okeho, Iganna, lgboora, Eruwa etc.

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