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Abuja: The Federal Capital Territory

Practically, Abuja became the seat of the Federal Government of Nigeria on the 12th of December, 1991 when the scat of Government was moved from Lagos to Abuja.

Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) lies between lattitude 80 25′, and 90 20′ north of the equator and longitude 60 45′ and 70 39′, east of the greenwich meridian. It occupies the central position of the country.

The FCT shares boundaries with Kaduna State to the north, Plateau State to the east and south east, Niger to the West, and Kogi to the South West. The landscape of the territory has been made attractive by the lilted alluvial plains dissected by Rivers Guara and Usuma.

The alluvial plains are contrasted by hill inselbergs and the intruding Jos Plateau. Basically of the Savanna vegetation, the soil is reddish, with temperature between 300 and 370 centigrades.

What makes Abuja unique is the heterogeneity of the inhabitants of the territory. The area belongs to no particular individual or a group of people. It is shared equally by all citizens of Nigeria.thus living up to its design as symbol of the Nigerian Unity.

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